can you see alright?

In 1979 I had a dream of Baba's darshan. He was sitting in front of me and looked 10 years older than he did in 1969, so incredibly thin and so much more worn out from the continual and accelerating suffering of His work. I said "Baba, it's so wonderful to see you again" Then, with His loving parental concern but with a little joking twinkle He pointed to my left eye and asked, "Can you see alright?" ( my left eye was injured and mostly blind from a childhood accident chopping wood). I answered, "yes Baba" Then, a little more seriously, He asked again, "Are you sure you can see alright?" "yes Baba, no problem, my other eye is fine". Then a third time, even more seriously, more emphatically, and somewhat ominously, but still with His trickster sense of humor, Baba asked again, "Are you SURE you can see alright?" "Yes Baba, Don't worry! I can see fine!" I thought how strange and embarrassing it was telling Baba not to worry. The darshan was over and we both stood up, Baba looking so indescribably weak and frail, something like Mansari at the end. Baba embraced me and with infinite power He physically crushed me down to nothing like a junk car compactor. I was looking in Baba's eyes and was struck by a real bolt of lightening. In the flash, I saw Baba Everywhere, in every being and soul in the universe, in every ant. In each one He was living and sharing their life, in each ant! and with such infinite divine love, as if each individual were the only one in existence, He was guiding and helping them on their path toward the goal. It all happened in an instant and I bounced 4 feet out of bed from the jolt of the lightening, amazed mostly at the infinite humor of Baba's joke, "can you see alright?". Later that year I made my first pilgrimage to India. Mehera and Mani were visiting Meherabad one day and I was talking with them outside the Samadhi when I saw a flash of pure white light of divine love in Mehera's eyes just like the flash of lightning in the darshan dream and the Divine Light in the Manifestation dream that wipes out our impressions and purifies the world. That night I was lying in bed in one of the old cabins, now Ted's office. I was remembering what happened that day and visualizing the light from Mehera's eyes and the light in the dreams. It was completely silent (no truck noise back then) and clear weather when suddenly out of nowhere a bolt of lightening hit just outside the cabin window and lit up the room with a tremendous flash of white light and a huge boom. Two seconds later another strike somewhere in lower Meherabad, and then two seconds after that another strike up on the Hill. BOOM!, BOOM!, BOOM! Then complete silence again and it rained heavily for an hour. It seemed like another dream and I hadn't thought much about it until a few years ago when someone who was also staying in the cabin that night came up to me at Meherabad and asked "Remember the lighting bolt!??"

in remembrance of this dream I wrote this poem:

You asked,
and I said I could see,
then a glimpse of You
turned my sight into blindness.
Having seen You everywhere
I see I cannot see,
Your Sight has blinded my blindness.

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