a glimpse of Baba's suffering

Driving through Oklahoma in 1975 on the Interstate east of Oklahoma City with my family on a trip from Aspen Colorado to Myrtle Beach, it was very late, perhaps 3 or 4 am, my wife and kids were asleep. I had directions to Baba's accident site and was looking for the exit, but after many miles and passing many exit signs I thought I must have missed it and stopped looking, deciding to go there on our return home from the Center. Just driving, not thinking anymore about it, when suddenly out of nowhere I experienced overwhelming grief, the vast ignorance in myself and the world, and all the suffering it causes. It was a bucket of Baba's Ocean of universal suffering dumped on my head. Blinded with tears and barely able to pull the car over to stop on the side of the road, I sat there sobbing with tears pouring down. When my eyes cleared I looked up and in front of the car there was the exit sign to the accident site I thought I had passed. Baba stopped me there with a silent whack on the head and a little glimpse of His suffering to show the way to the site and its meaning and importance in His work for the Universe.

                                                               "I, who am I?"
                                   a childrens book based on God Speaks, by Meher Baba
         as the soul of a child I create the universe and become all forms of life to evolve consciousness
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